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Imposteor Sikh Bikram Lamba

In recent ban by Quebac on wearing of turban or patka in June 2013 - the headgear by Sikhs which was opposed by FIFA also and than this ban is removed but it exposed some traitors of Sikh faith like Bikram Lamba who calls himself a Sikh author and religious scholar. Just see what he remarked on ban by Quebec ....

'...................Here in Canada, renowned author and the true leader of moderate Sikhs Dr Bikram Lamba has denounced the brouhaha over turbans in soccer leagues. He has clearly stated the Sikh religion does not demand the wearing of turbans or carrying of the kirpan, and that certain ‘Taliban like elements’ are pushing these agendas of division.

Quebec has heroically resisted these challenges to civil society. The hunger for fundamentalist Sikh votes has exposed English Canada and corrupted political parties there".

The so-called President Gurdev Singh Mann who also seem an ignorant of Sikh faith but God knows how he is made the President of North York Sikh Temple?  Do they not need a fresh course of Sikh religion so that they may get aware on 52 commands and the tenets of Sikh religion? I suggest both of them to go through these two blogs as;
and ....

As he himself wears turban and If he is against wearing of turban, why does he not begin from himself by giving it up? Who has stopped him?

Screenshot copy of Facebook profile of Bikram Lamba. He is against wearing of kirpan by Sikhs. His latest views can be seen at the end of this blog which he has written on his profile on Facebook on 22nd January 2011.


A report published in Chandigarh Tribune…

Thursday, November 16, 2000, Chandigarh, India

NRI held for duping firm
Tribune News Service

SAS NAGAR, Nov 15 — Five days after he landed in India on a sponsored trip to work out the details of a project on marketing research for an immigration company, Dr Raja Bikram Pal Lamba is cooling his heels in police custody.
The 58-year-old non-resident Indian from Canada, driven by his weakness to impress high-profile people in society had planned to make it big by duping the proprietors of an immigration company, Worldwide Immigration Consul-tancy Services. He made his sponsors pay around Rs 5 lakh for his hospitality before his dream was shattered.
Described as a high-profile impostor by the police, his profile was enough to impress anyone. A doctorate in English, Dr Lamba, who migrated to Canada last year, convinced the immigration company to design their project for marketing at their resort at Karoran village near here.
Everything was going smooth but a slight mistake by the impostor landed him in police custody. Col B.S. Sandhu, proprietor of the immigration company, said Dr Lamba had said he was a 1964 batch bureaucrat who sought premature retirement. His profile included his stint in the Prime Minister’s Office and as Chief Secretary of Madhya Pradesh. Claiming his connection with chief secretaries of different provinces, he had claimed to knowing a couple of senior bureaucrats of Punjab.
After his claimed visit to a Punjab bureaucrat yesterday, who had gone abroad, Col Sandhu got suspicious and started making queries. All five days after he landed in India on November 10, he stayed in full luxury paid for by his sponsors. His visiting card read President and CEO of Toronto Consultancy Group.
Questioning by the police revealed another facet of Dr Lamba’s life. After doing his Masters in English in 1964, he worked as lecturer in DAV College here before moving to Kurukshetra Regional College. From 1969 to 1982, he remained at Desh Bandhu College, Delhi. He worked with different companies from 1983 to 1999 before moving to Canada.
On the basis of a complaint lodged by Mr Devinder Singh Sandhu of the immigration company, the police has registered a case under Sections 170, 406 and 420 of the IPC. He was today remanded in one-day police custody by the Duty Magistrate, Kharar.

By appearance he is a Sikh but by deeds he is Hindu.
I asked him the reason as he is always invited in temples and to address the gathering there but why he is never called in any gurudwara in Canada?

He querralled with me on this issue. Later on i got an article in a magzine, in which he condemn the use of Kirpan and said it as useless item.
He called all Amritdhari Sikhs wearing Kirpan as orthodox.
A debate thus started, i appealed to Sikhs in Canada and exposed him.
By the grace of Waheguru ji, it was election time and he was a contestant for governorship. He got a befitted reply by Sikhs and Punjabis in Canada and lost it.
This is the strength of unity.
I request the Sikhs in Canada to again get united against Ujjal Dosanjh also. He is also a traitor of Sikh faith.
In his addressing to public gatherings, he introduces himself as a reknowned economist and Guru of Indian PM Man Mohan Singh when i searched his past, his links in delhi. It was almost Zero and no one was aware of him. Ultimately i found out that he was a professor in Desh Bandhu College-Delhi from where he magaed to migrate to Canada.
He is a liar. Most probably he might have furnished false informations in his application forms while applying for immigration also.

Though i feel ashamed of exposing another Sikh but he has betrayed and jeopardized our faith by humiliating Sikhs.
After a long debate in which many Sikhs from Canada partricipated. Very rare i have ever debated on a single topic on FB but here it went on for many days. Ultimately he blocked me by abusing me.
He writes in his article on Baba Nanak ji as...Though born a Hindu, Nanak was quite careless of the formal demands of Hinduism and openly attacked some of its practices. Once during his travels he asked for food at a wayside house and was offered deer meat which he ate heartily. For this he was rebuked by Brahman priests. But Nanak felt no qualms for having violated convention and his caustic reply to the priest was that, it was foolish for a man who was born of flesh and who continually lived in flesh to abstain from eating it.
Please explain & prove if you can?

Sikh wants kirpans banned.

Please visit to see his statement....

Bikram Lamba is in the race of Governorship who is always invited by the Hindu temple authorities and RSS for a speech, criticizes against the five kakars. He has openly demanded the Canadian govt to ban the Kirpan in Canada. He is never invited in any Gurudwara. 

Would you like to vote & support such a trait person of Sikh religion? 

Condemning the spate of violence that has rocked his community recently, a prominent member of the Sikh community in the Greater Toronto Area, said kirpans or ceremonial daggers worn by orthodox members of his religion have no place in Canada and should be banned.

Mississauga resident Dr. Bikram Lamba, whose name is being proposed by several South Asian groups as a possible candidate for the Governor General’s post, came out swinging against orthodoxy during a press conference in Brampton, Wednesday.
The event was hosted by India Pakistan Dosti (IP Dosti), a Brampton-based international organization promoting friendship and harmony, which along with several other groups has launched a campaign calling on Prime Minister Stephen Harper to nominate Lamba as Canada’s next governor general.
 “I condemn violence. As a matter of fact, I think the kirpan should be banned. It has no place in this country,” said Lamba, a Sikh, referring to an attack against the president of a Sikh temple last Friday. 
Last week, a crowd of protesters punched and stabbed the 53-year-old Brampton man. Several witnesses recalled that at least two other men from the crowd had brandished their kirpans.
Lamba, ombudsman for National Ethnic Press and Media Council of Canada, denied the incident had tarnished the image of the Sikh community in the country. He criticized the mob that had engaged in violence that day saying  “they behaved like the Taliban.” 
The former political strategist said if selected as the constitutional head of Canada, he would become the voice that unites not just the Sikhs but all Canadians.
Members of IP Dosti (Dosti means friendship in Hindi) who have garnered some 12,000 signatures from GTA residents supporting Lamba, said the South Asian community is one of the fastest growing minority groups in Canada. As a result, it’s only fitting that a member from that community become the governor general. 
The petition, along with the signatures, will be handed over to the Prime Minister by the end of the month, said Akbar Warris, founder/chairman of IP Dosti.
“We need a governor general who can help with the emotional integration of the new Canadians with the mainstream,” Warris said. “A person (like Lamba) who upholds and cherishes Canadian values and understands cross-cultural currents.”

But now Akbar waris regrets his decision to give his support to Bikram lamba. He asked me...

Akbar Warris
 He claims he is the Guru of the current Indian Prime Minister and is the main person behind operation "blue star" and the creation of "Bangladesh". Please shed some light on that as well. (on fb 12-01-11).

@Akbar sahab, This man is full of lies only. See he was 58 years old in 2000 means he was born in 1942. 

Then he introduces as 1964 batch bureaucrat, how could he become a bureaucrat in the age of 22 years ? 

The Bangla desh was created in 1971. I have all the memories fresh in my mind. I never heard his name. Leave all this a side. He worked as a professor in Desh Bandhu College - Delhi as a Professor of economics. What role could he play in creation of a new nation?

On what grounds he resigned from Indian Administrative Studies and when?
Similarly in operation Blue star, i have read many books and most of them i trust is Mark Tuly or Jacob. None of them ever gave him any credit.

The ex-joint secretary of Punjab Mr. A R Darshi, ( Hindu by religion) has also written a book on Sant Jarnail Singh Bhindranwala and revealed the plan of Indian and Punjab govts. He did not mention his name anywhere.

The ex chief of intelligence and a close advisor of Indira gandhi has also written a book 'OPEN SECRET' in which he writes as " Sant Jarnail Singh ji Bhindranwale was really a Saint and Indira defamed him for her political gains in Punjab and that there was no need of any operation bluestar.

But his BIKRAM LAMBA's name is no where.

When a question was aksed by Amrit Singh Khalsa on his (Bikram Lamba's) wall on facebook that if he could clear his views on wearing of kirpan by sikhs. . At this Bikram lamba got furious and replied as, "Who was he to ask this question from him?' Now see when an eminent person gives an interview and any curious reader ask the question and the reply in the violent manner. Does it adorn him? Then he (Amrit Singh Khalsa) sent me this report with copy of the mail to me. it reveals another introduction of his mean character.

Then i was sent another message by my one friend as; 

By Anonymous;
(12-01-11 0n fb), Bikram Lamba is full of lies I saw many of his comments in the past. He even warned one FB member not to post Gurbani on his wall. His Statement was “I only see English postings on my wall". Mr. Kamaljeet Singh Haripur was the witness of his statement."

See some more comments about this high profile person who is only a liar and 420;

Bikram Lamba;
June 23, 2010 at 5:18am · Like ·  1 person

Mr Bikram Lamba is the advisor of the Prime Minister for 17th years(Indra Ghandhi) He talk On Anti Sikh radio 101.3 Fm He is A Anti Sikh And Anti Musialm ,He ban Alraedy To talk abut India vs pak .He Write On His Website Sikh Are Same Talyban.

Siri Sundri Kaur 
Hi Ajmer Ji, I did not born sikh ,but what about that people to convert from Christianity to sikh? for what I know till now is that sikh don't judge, and reconized that there is only One God. who has the absolut true? Christian ,juwish , muslim, sikh,and so on?

June 23, 2010 at 5:18am · Like ·  2 people

Bikram Lamba;
A religion is matter of choice and is a very private matter. If Nikki has changed her religion, that is her business. In the secular society, we do not appoint or elect people according to religion. To do so would exactly be like acting like Taliban - a throw back to dark ages. The people who talk of religion as a deciding factor are in fact relics of old dark ages,and are in reality even in reality an enemy to progress, humanity and real religion. How would like to be governed by some illiterate relgious fanatic who would sya no education to women, no liberation or freedom for the down trodden, one who would like to start polygamy or caste system once again. There is need to grow up. These people are stunted personalities.
June 23, 2010 at 5:48am · Like ·  2 people

Daljeet Singh 
People who betray their faiths may be good enough to be used by others but they are of no purpose neither to themselves nor to others and society.
June 23, 2010 at 8:18am · Like

I agree with James,under the choice of people to scrutinize i have revealed this here. I am keeping a vigil for the last two months. Anyone may see his old posts if he had not removed. My allegations are not baseless. He is a Sikh than why he is lured by Hindus and the RSS mind people? Why he has never been invited in a Sikh congregation if he is a holy man or as he claims that he goes to the temples to not to give lectures on Hinduism, but to talk only of secular matters.
Are you secular for Hindus, Muslims and Chrishtians only? And you have outrightly rejected the secularism for Sikhs?
June 23, 2010 at 12:06pm · Like

@Siri sundri; Here the question is not of conversion but to the false hopes of people from their representative in high offices and the false promises by the politicians.
Mr. Bikram Lamba is not converted but by practice he is not a Sikh. And we Sikhs should have no false hopes on him.
June 23, 2010 at 12:29pm · Like

Ajmer Singh Randhawa @Bikram Lamba; It does not need to decide the betrayal by any custodian, it gets revealed by the misdeeds of the person himself. You are exposed and may criticize to hide your face but your intention and hypocrisies are revealed.
June 23, 2010 at 12:41pm · Like ·  1 person

Bikram Lamba;

Ajmer Singh is possibly a reincarnation of infamous Dr. Gobbels who thought if you repeat a lie thousand times, it will become truth. Ajmer is repeating himseld thousand times. 
Regarding Barnala's question about Kirpan I repeat that I have not opposed kirpan as religious symbol, but have opposed use of kirpan as a weapon of offense.

Ajmer is a self deluded person whose rantings have no meaning,
June 23, 2010 at 4:45pm · Like

@Mr. Bikram Lamba, you have been asked here to stance your views on Kirpan, so please don't try to give a twist. 

Your this statement has sent a wave of cheers in anti sikh lobby, you have certainly strengthen those anti sikh forces. Your words against Kirpan have brought disgrace to Sikh panth.

I asked you to give the instances where Kirpan is used as offensive in Canada? Could you kindly write the number of such instances? In my knowledge, only one case is registered at Brampton where Sikhs protested against the use of Gurudwara strage by Darshan lal and in the fight , it is alleged that the Kirpan was used. Other than this could you kindly quote any other instance please?

You are the aspirating candidate to governorship. Your one statement or a few words spoken on this sensitive matter has caused a major loss to Sikhs in Canada and USA. We Sikhs are fighting that the kirpan be allowed in schools and elsewhere but your words have given a set back. Just get it confirmed from United Sikhs if i am wrong? 

So please clear your stance on Kirpan first.
June 23, 2010 at 5:59pm · Like

Bikram Lamba;

I have already stated the facts . Possibly you did not read. However I repeat : have not opposed kirpan as religious symbol, but have opposed use of kirpan as a weapon of offense.

This is clear. All your editorilizing is as ususal meaningless, as it is repetition in view of clear statement
June 23, 2010 at 6:02pm · Like

@Bikram ji; I have read your views that you do not oppose Kirpan as a religious symbol but you are against it's misuse.

What i asked you that you have not replied. I asked you where is it misused that you were needed to issue a statement on the misuse of Kirpan? Why did you raised the issue on misuse when it has never been misused?
June 23, 2010 at 6:05pm · Like

So at last you have admitted indirectly that you are working for the anti Sikh lobby. I wanted you to speak this. By merely a single instance of Kirpan fighting you have issued a statement against the use and misuse of Kirpan because yourfeelings were hurt.

Darshan was stopped by the pure Sikhs to speak from the stage of Gurudwara as per the orders of Akal Takhat. It pinched you and you issued the statement without any calculations of the impact of your words? The out spoken words by the aspiring candidate to governorship? How disgusting?

If you want to adorn the high seat of state, you should restrain to speak such words.
Now i don't have to say you any thing because you are with the trait Darshan lal.
June 23, 2010 at 6:25pm · Like

 Bikram Lamba;
Your deductions are either stupid or motivated by sheer envy; full of malice and falsehood. You purposely leave out important matter that it was reply to a reporter's question. This shows your mind is diseased. You need help from a psychiatrist . I have neither ever met or even talked to the person about whom you are talking. You seem to be suffering from meglomania. Please get medicall treatment
June 23, 2010 at 6:32pm · Like

You are free to say anything to me but the revealations made on this wall proves your link with Darshan as ...

1)- you replied to a press reporter in response to a question but why did you called it a misuse of Kirpan? It could have been used in self defense also. The lawyer (president of Gurudwara was injured) but who is guilty behind all this episode written by Darshan only.

2)- My mind is not deceased but clever enough to catch such things sharply. you must restrain yourself from issue of these sensitive matters. Your this act has certainly brought dishonor to panth and a set back to allow the Kirpan in schools.
June 23, 2010 at 6:39pm · Like

Bikram Lamba;
June 23, 2010 at 7:02pm · Like

you have no answers to the questions raised. All the viewers on facebook have read the comments and shall read them again and again and shall decide who is wrong.

Till that keep on visiting Hindu temples as Sikhs have no regard for you and shall never invite you.

You are not liked by Sikhs because you support the rss and working for anti Sikh lobby. Any one can assume after reading my comments and your answers.

You may feel proud on being Canadian but certainly can not feel proud on being a Sikh. By wearing turban and your look alike sikhs, you can not be called a true Sikh.
good bye.
June 23, 2010 at 7:10pm · Like

It is interesting to note that Sikh philosophy is not humain based. Haumain (Proud) is just more than ego. It is an attachment to self, extension of the self, esp., to self interest and identity: My being, My community, My religion, My God, etc "A Sikh's Paradigm For Universal Peace," Dr. Meji Singh, writes, "We are attached to ourselves as individuals, to our communities, or our religious and national identities. These are all an extension of Haumain. A person who is connected with Whaeguru perceives Whaeguru in everyone…"
June 23, 2010 at 8:07pm · Like

@Narinder singh ji; I watched his anti sikh activities and than i pasted his this picture. But when i saw that i alone was discussing him and no other person had any interest, i better decided to give it a stop but he never answered my questions.

Well i don't know much about him but as he is trying to be a governor, he should have not made any silly comment on a sensitive issue like Kirpan. He passed the comment as misuse of Kirpan but could not inform any other instance than this single one at Brampton.

At Brampton, Sikhs stopped Darshan lal and the president of that Gurudwara who invited Darshan, got injured. On this single instance how could he defame all the sikhs and put obstacles on the genuine demand to wear the kirapn in schools? He has given a tremendous loss to sikh nation, even than becoming smarter by giving a twist to escape.
June 23, 2010 at 8:38pm · Like ·  1 person

I understand what's going on here the one who speaks the Truth is always sidelined as concerning Lamba, I would just say that the if a Sikh wears a Kirpan it cannot be misused, As simple as that. 

Surely wearing Kirpan and 5 Kakkars gives a Sikh a sense of Pride and it is commitment to Sikh faith. Their are 3 million Sikhs in this world who wears Kirpan even if it is their is instance it gets misused, but Lamba should also look other Sikhs who wearing Kirpans and I don't why he is making issue out it.

Kirpan is never to misued in turns it protects the rights of other people do you know about this Mr. Lamba. Just by
making false allegations against someone who is himself is batised into Khalsa knows what true Sikhi is. By saying that Kirpan as a weapon this first mistake made by Lamba, For you're kind info Kirpan is not a weapon it reminds Sikhs to be a law abiding citizens of the country.

It clearly shows that Bikram Lamba has no knowledge of 
Sikh religion and people like them are destined to Mislead Sikhs 
June 24, 2010 at 1:57am · Like

Certainly Lamba has brought humiliation to Panth but what else can we expect from a person who (Being a Sikh) delivers the lectures in temples and disliked by Sikhs.

There is a Sikh singer (Fully dressed Sikh) who sings the BHENT OF MATA. I see him for the twenty years or so but he is also never invited by any Sikh body. Very rarely i have seen hin singing any song in his early days.He has lost the self respect.

The case is very similar here. Mr.Lamba is a candidate for governorship with the support of Hindus and RSS cadre of
 Canada. By glorifying Hindu religion and defaming Sikh religion, he has got the popularity but at what cost? At the cost of his coming generation also who will embrace Hinduism in future because they will find themselves nearer to Hinduism and the loser shall be Lamba and his family.

June 25, 2010 at 2:07am · Like

Pandit Lamba's comments on the kirpan:
“I condemn violence. As a matter of fact, I think the kirpan should be banned. It has no place in this country,”
June 25, 2010 at 2:07am · Like

Shamsher Singh Barnala 

your pathetic attempt at trying to appease 'white' people, do you really think this statement could get you somewhere? It did more harm to your image than good. Do you really think they will love you now? Think your actions through, if your going to get anywhere, its going to be with the help of your community. Backstabbing members of the sikh faith who have lived peacefully within this country with their kirpans for 'political' purposes is disgraceful. Do you really think you can become the next governor general? Indo- Canadians will not support you after comments like that!
June 25, 2010 at 2:07am · Like

Shamsher Singh Barnala 
you dont even deserve to be mentioned as a candidate for governor general, you have done nothing for this country.
June 25, 2010 at 2:09am · Like

Gurveen Singh 

Finally, everyone has come to know about the reality of Bikram Lamba who is running for governorship. Though we ( Sikhs) have endured  many tough times but Khalsa Panth will always shine forth 

June 25, 2010 at 11:56pm · Like

Ajmer Singh Randhawa The truth is, these stupid persons should be exposed, they are the hidden enemies of the Panth. No doubt by revealing his true colors, he has been proved more dangerous than Ujjal Dosanjh. Sikhs should boycott him and never vote and support him.
June 26, 2010 at 8:01am · Like

Gurveen Singh 
No wonder he has not explained his statement and ran away in an instant. People like them should be exposed so people can see their real faces.
June 26, 2010 at 2:15pm · Like

Ajmer Singh Randhawa I want an opportunity on LIVE TV in Canada, there i shall expose him and appeal to the Sikhs of Canada to not to vote and support him.
June 26, 2010 at 3:15pm · Like

I support you're efforts time has come to really strive hard to expose the faces of these people through media or medium of internet. It's good to see more people are more about aware of his remarks and  Sikhs should not vote for people like him.
June 26, 2010 at 6:14pm · Like

Ajmer Singh Randhawa 

I request everybody to keep commenting on this wall so that it may help me to defame him and to stop him to be in the seat of Governor - general. 

June 26, 2010 at 6:34pm · Like

People like Bikram Lamba should be exposed in all fronts let all alone if a person can't respect his own religion what kind of respect Lamba has for other religions this kind of multi-cultural society he believes. It's all about awareness and now we know the real face of Bikram Lamba 
June 27, 2010 at 12:57am · Like

@ S. Ajmer Singh Randhawa @ Bikram lamba ...Mr. Ajmer Singh Ji. I totally support you and with you in this matter.Please carry on your efforts against traitors of sikh panth.I believe that we should not even call him a sikh because he just issued statement opposing Kirpan only due to one incident and that also to get the support of anti - sikh lobby in canada so that he can win in the governership election.

He might become governer of canada (what position ever it is called in canada) but he will be regarded as a traitor in sikh history.

I advise you (Bikram Lamba) that you should cut your hair, remove your turban and wear janaiu (which hindu brahmins wear) and become a brahmin, that will suit you because your spirit (soul) is of hindus and physical appearence of a sikh.
June 27, 2010 at 12:12pm · Like ·  1 person

@Ajmer Singh Randhawa; Yes, Randhawa Jee, the man in question has never answered my simple question put twice under this thread and through private messages as well. I once again very politely, request him to clarify if Mr. Bikram Lamba believes in and practices Sikhism?
Yesterday at 10:40am · Like

Avtar Singh
 mr lamba only believes in and practices fakeism and india chamchism and anti-sikhism.
Yesterday at 11:14am · Like

By going through the public opinion on Facebook, does this man have the courage to speak in Sikh congregation truthfully. He calls the pure Sikhs as orthodox because he feels mors comfortable in Canada under influence of materialistic achievements on false grounds and by makin fool to ignorant Canadians.

I request the Sikhs and other Punjabi fellows to discard this man from your lovable society. He doesn’t deserve to be called and adorned as true Canadian Sikh.

His new comments on Kirpan on 22nd Jan. 2011; (See as follows at his facebook profile..

The tail of a dog can never be straitened. He contested the govenorship election in Canada but got defeated on the same issue. He had a long debate with me on net.
Anyone can see the the important comments of that discussion at the blog but this imposteor Sikh still dances on his tunes.

He starts the topic with these lines :-

Bikram Lamba

I fully support banning of Kirpan. During my campaign for GG I had clearly supported the ban on kirpans , though some fundamentalists had even thretened to liquidate me. The whole concept of carrying kirpan is outmoded and there is no denying the fact kirpan has been used as a weapon of offence even in the Sikh temples. 11 hours ago
Bikram Lamba In case it is a religious symbol then why not wear a miniature one (say about 1" )as a pendant, or let is be made of plastic or wood. secondly when the people say that it is inalienable part of their dress, how come they do not crib when they have to surrender then in the aircraft.
.As a matter of fact, the Supreme Court erred when it decided to permit it to be worn, and that mistake needs to be rectified. 
The politicians support it, since they pander to the mass to create their vote banks.
This desire to be politically correct is harmful and in fact Kirpan is More dangerous than the Hizab. It needs to be banned. False misguided notions of 400 years back can not be accepted.
11 hours ago ·  4 people
  §  Imran Abbas I see millions of kirpans flying over you Mr. Lamba at the speed of 88.56 miles per hour!!9       hours ago
·         Sukhminderjit S Gill What are your views about Kitchen knives and other sharp edged things available in the market and finally easily available legal Guns.9 hours ago
        ·   Bikram Lamba These things- kitchen knoves and guns- are are not not permitted inside the legislatures.8 hours ago
·         Sukhminderjit S Gill Agreed .why not ban Guns completely .Can you imagine In Krachi there are more Guns than the whole Pak army as per a recent report .8 hours ag
·          Bikram Lamba Please confine the dicussion to the subject. Mr. Gill's comment is not related to the subject of discussion.8 hours ago
Thanks for your visit :-

Ajmer Singh Randhawa.

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  1. Mr. Lambda, why would you support an idiot like Ron Banerjee is screening the anti-Muslim film "Innocence of Muslims"? Would you support Banerjee in screening a film which disparages and insults one of the Sikh gurus? Perhaps you would.

    You are the Sikh version of Tarek Fatah, working against your own community and also working against Muslims, for no reason other than publicity.

  2. great expose we need more true Sikhs and yes Sikh doesn't require to keep kirpan except if you are amritdhari but if you are amritdhari then what is wrong in keeping kirpan this why im against him